Bangkok, Thailand; Day 8

Today was our final day here in Thailand.  The 5 Adventurers leave on an overnight flight to Africa.  We had one last chance for a field trip to this very fun Asian mega-city.

Brian visited the National Museum of Bangkok which held the answers to many of our questions about what happened to some of the artifacts and relics which were formerly in temples in Chiang Mai, Sukhothai or Ayutthaya.

This is the actual stone tablet from Sukhothai which shows a key Thai origin story on its 4 sides.  We had seen the replica in an earlier post from the Ramkhamhaeng National Museum.

The National Museum Bangkok holds many treasures from the various Thai periods

This palanquin requires 56 men to carry these four poles supporting a royal member’s chair.

This is the Royal Chariot of Victory built by King Rama I in 1796.  It has been continously used for major royal events.  It was used most recently in a funeral ceremony for King Rama IX in 2017.  It weighs 13 metric tons (nearly 30k lbs) and requires 200 men to pull it.

Tiffany and the kids visited the Museum Siam which held a number of exhibits about what it means to be Thai which were very interactive and very interesting for the kids.

Many of the exhibits used motion or activity to make the facts and figures infotainment.

It wasn’t a very big museum but each of the 14 rooms was unique in both the information and the way it’s presented. A display on typical Thai food incorporates QR codes to make the dish appear on the plate surrounded by other information.

They got to experience Thai school and dress up in traditional Thai clothes.

It was a fun way to learn a few more things about Thailand just before we said a fond farewell.

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