Kanchanaburi, Thailand; Day 1

We have less than two weeks left in Thailand and when we leave, it will be from Bangkok. We started the day a 45 minute drive south from there, but that is not the direction we chose for this travel day. Instead we went 2.5 hours west to Kanchanaburi.

This town of around 30,000 people is best known as home of the Bridge on the River Kwai – made famous by the movie and book. There are multiple WWII museums and cemeteries focused on the history of the Bridge and the “Death Railway” it’s part of. We’ll see some of that, but what brought us here was the natural beauty of the area with several national parks nearby. And also the beauty and peace of the rivers themselves.

We found a place a little out of town along a stretch of the Khwae Noi River called the Tubtim Siam River Kwai Resort. It has a central dining building, a few rooms overlooking the pool, some charming little villas with views of the water and even some catamaran nets you can lounge in over the river itself. They even put giant stuffed ducks out to cuddle with at sunset. Ahhh…we think we’re going to like it here.

Resort from one end to the other

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