Travel Home; Day 3

One of the things about long road trips, where you are in the car for 8+ hours is the need for a variety of activities for the passengers. In our car today, the kids watched 2 movies (Lion King and Zootopia), listened to parts of 2 audiobooks and played a rousing game of DnD withContinue reading “Travel Home; Day 3”

Travel Home; Day 2

About 10 years ago, Brian and Tiffany read a magazine article about a new museum focused on American Art that had a huge endowment 4 times that of the Whitney. Unlike most museums, it would not be housed in an old palace or renaissance/marble equivalent. This was to be in a new facility nestled inContinue reading “Travel Home; Day 2”

Travel Home; Day 1

It feels like we’ve been slowly making our way home since we left London at the end of June. We’ve been creeping westward with each of our destinations but the main focus of our New York, Leesburg and Union Pier stops were fun and family. Today was different. Today was all about making rapid progressContinue reading “Travel Home; Day 1”

Union Pier, Michigan; Day 1

We had one final breakfast at Mamoh’s house, finished packing the family van and departed for Michigan. Brian’s mom (Busha) rented a large house in Southwest Michigan to host the 5 Adventurers as we make our way back home. We arrived before dinner and had just enough time for a quick game of billiards (actuallyContinue reading “Union Pier, Michigan; Day 1”

Rota, Spain; Day 23

Today our Adventurers took to the road again on a trip through the SW Spain countryside. Known as Andalucia, this area is known for many things, one of which is the Pueblos Blancos or ‘white villages’. They get their name from the whitewashed buildings that make up the towns – initially colored to keep theContinue reading “Rota, Spain; Day 23”

Marrakech, Morocco; Day 5

Today our Adventures took us out of Marrakech to the coastal town of Essaouira (pronounced ess-uh-weer-uh). It’s primarily a port and fishing city. It has a beautiful crescent beach but is also very windy. So it has tourists and some resorts, but it’s not known as a beach destination. Our interest was in seeing anContinue reading “Marrakech, Morocco; Day 5”

Amboseli, Kenya; Day 1

We have embarked on our second land safari.  This time we are going into the Amboseli National Park which sits at the foot of Mount Kilamanjaro. We have hired our prior guide Jacktone to pick us up from our Nairobi hotel and to take us to our bush camp and lead our game drives. TodayContinue reading “Amboseli, Kenya; Day 1”

Kanchanaburi, Thailand; Day 1

We have less than two weeks left in Thailand and when we leave, it will be from Bangkok. We started the day a 45 minute drive south from there, but that is not the direction we chose for this travel day. Instead we went 2.5 hours west to Kanchanaburi. This town of around 30,000 peopleContinue reading “Kanchanaburi, Thailand; Day 1”

Ayutthaya, Thailand; Day 1

This morning we said goodbye to our charming hotel in Sukhothai. With 5 Adventurers, we don’t fit in the standard hotel room with two beds so we have the debate to either squeeze into one room or get a bigger place/two rooms. If we’re staying a while, we’ll get a bigger place but for 2-3Continue reading “Ayutthaya, Thailand; Day 1”

Sukhothai, Thailand; Day 1

We really enjoyed our time in Chiang Mai these past 4 weeks. We did our best to burrow into the day-to-day of living there and also see the local sites. But after almost a month it was time to move on to see more of Thailand. We hired a van to drive us 4 hoursContinue reading “Sukhothai, Thailand; Day 1”

Driving Day to Leesburg, Ohio

Before we left our friends Lynn & Troy and left for Ohio again, the kids were able to try something new and still fairly novel (for them and Brian & Tiffany). We may not have planned to have a virtual adventure before 9a today but CreeperKitty caught Brian getting a VR lesson from Troy lastContinue reading “Driving Day to Leesburg, Ohio”

Playa Blanca, Panama; Day 1

Our traveling day today took us 350 km from Boquete to a nice beach spot called Playa Blanca. We spent a little over 4 hours on our old friend the Pan-American Highway and passed through David and Santiago, two of the larger cities in the country. We packed a lunch but a couple of hoursContinue reading “Playa Blanca, Panama; Day 1”

Edina, Minnesota

Although today was primarily a driving day, we were able to meet with Tiffany’s cousin Matt for a breakfast in Edina, Minnesota. We met his fiancée Stephanie and caught up with their lives. They have had their 2020 wedding plans upended by you-know-what so it was interesting to hear about their deliberations for tying theContinue reading “Edina, Minnesota”

Driving Day to Fargo, North Dakota

Today was a driving day with our “new” minivan demonstrating that cross-country travel doesn’t necessarily demand white knuckles on the steering wheel and perspiration on the forehead. We have come close to finalizing a name for the new car but will unveil that on another day (lobbying between the Adventurers continues). Most of the dayContinue reading “Driving Day to Fargo, North Dakota”

Devil’s Tower, Wyoming

Today was Day 2 of a drive to the Black Hills area of South Dakota.  We have now reached 4,709 miles on our travels from San Clemente, California. Wyoming has a marvelous diversity of land.  One of the more unique places that we have visited thus far was Devil’s Tower.  This feature rises up overContinue reading “Devil’s Tower, Wyoming”

Driving to Buffalo, Wyoming

Today was the first of two driving days for the family. We expect to find ourselves in a campground outside of Mount Rushmore in South Dakota before nightfall on the 19th. Ole Wheezy has attracted several one-finger salutes from Montanans and Wyomingites during the day’s journey. Brian thinks that Wheezy’s limited top speed is theContinue reading “Driving to Buffalo, Wyoming”

West Yellowstone, Montana

Today, we have embarked on the Yellowstone leg of the journey.  We are going to spend four nights in and around this majestic area. Our first order of business was to swap Ole Wheezy with some wheels that could take us up and down the mountains in Northwest Wyoming. The kids were somewhat chagrined toContinue reading “West Yellowstone, Montana”

Bozeman, Montana

We made our way over the Continental Divide this morning and found ourselves in Bozeman, Montana for lunch and a visit to a wonderful museum. The Museum of the Rockies is a terrific place for anyone that has an interest in dinosaurs. Montana is a primary location for dinosaur fossil hunting and paleontology. The MORContinue reading “Bozeman, Montana”

Glacier National Park, Montana; Day 5

We were able to make one final visit to Glacier National Park in the morning after packing up and clearing out the camp site. Our target today was Two Medicine Lake in the Southeastern area of the Park. The kids continued to refine their rock skipping technique and discovered many skipping stones among the sedimentaryContinue reading “Glacier National Park, Montana; Day 5”

Driving to Glacier National Park, Montana

Today, we leave Tanya & Jeff’s house in Eastern Washington for a 5 hour drive to Glacier National Park in Montana.  We are all very excited to see the park and camp out for 4 nights.  If you notice some missing updates in this travel blog this weekend, it will be due to cellular serviceContinue reading “Driving to Glacier National Park, Montana”

Portland, Oregon; Day 1

Driving Day. We drove to Detroit. Detroit, Oregon that is. Actually we were only driving through Detroit on our way to our next destination.  We have arrived in Portland and have now logged 1,498 miles on the road. Cousin Melissa prepared a fantastic Sunday meal for the entire family at Jessica & Kevin’s house inContinue reading “Portland, Oregon; Day 1”

Driving to Bend, Oregon

Driving Day.  We are now driving toward our next family/friend destination in Portland, Oregon. Did You Know:  There are 58 counties in California. Our 5 Adventurers spent time in many of them on this leg of the journey. How many California counties can you name? We examined our route through California and learned that weContinue reading “Driving to Bend, Oregon”

Nevada City, California; Day 1

Our driving day took us from Yosemite Valley to Nevada City, California. On the way we stopped and had lunch with our Best Man (Keith) and his family. We also delivered the “Space Car” to him which saved us a lot of trouble with listing and selling this vehicle prior to our overseas portion ofContinue reading “Nevada City, California; Day 1”

Yosemite, California; Day 1

Today was primarily a driving day.  Our next destination is the amazing Yosemite Valley where we intend to spend two nights at Curry Village. We arrived at the end of a long day (the longest actually as daylight lasted 14:42 at this latitude) into the valley.  The crowds weren’t as daunting as feared as everyoneContinue reading “Yosemite, California; Day 1”