Masai Mara, Kenya; Day 1

Our 5 Adventurers went on a quest today to see the “Big 5” in one of the most famous game reserves in the world; Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve.

We arrived at our lodgings in the Mara Chui Camp in the mid-afternoon. We had a late lunch, a little quiet time before heading back into the guide’s van and entering the park for a short evening game drive in the Park.

This safari is only for a few days so we were anxious to see as much as possible in this time. Some of our Adventurers were not very enthusiastic about the amount of van time needed to get to Southwest Kenya.

Once we started seeing some animals and we popped the roof, everyone was pretty excited about this Adventure.

On our first day today, we saw elephants, giraffes, water buffalo, antelope and a very cool predator.

We were so blessed to get to see a full Cheetah family including the three cubs. The weather was cool and these 5 animals played together quite a bit.

We watched them for about 30 minutes and thought that they might be hunting but they never really got close enough to their prey to make a dash.

Tomorrow we plan to return and try to take more images to share with you. The Camp wi-fi isn’t great so we may have a backlog of media and stories to share with you later this week.

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