Masai Mara, Kenya; Day 3

Our Monday began with a visit from a troop of baboons which crossed paths with 4 Adventurers on their way from breakfast at the Mara Chui camp. We were also informed shortly thereafter that a cackle of hyenas were on the property last night. Additionally, a solitary elephant came near the night before. We wereContinue reading “Masai Mara, Kenya; Day 3”

Masai Mara, Kenya; Day 1

Our 5 Adventurers went on a quest today to see the “Big 5” in one of the most famous game reserves in the world; Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve. We arrived at our lodgings in the Mara Chui Camp in the mid-afternoon. We had a late lunch, a little quiet time before heading back intoContinue reading “Masai Mara, Kenya; Day 1”

Ayutthaya, Thailand; Day 2

Today, we rode in a tuk tuk, hired 4 Grab cars (think Uber-Asia) and rode a river boat – yet we still walked 5 miles. Phew, no wonder we’re tired. We haven’t walked this much since our hike to watch a sea turtle lay eggs in Tortuguero, Costa Rica last September. Fun fact; those eggsContinue reading “Ayutthaya, Thailand; Day 2”