Diani Beach, Kenya; Day 3

A short post for a quiet day. We are enjoying a light schedule and little activity after several weeks of moving and sightseeing a lot. We did get a return visit from the monkey thieves- this time they targeted a small outdoor cupboard we had put mosquito repellent coils in. They grabbed and broke several of the coils but ultimately left most of them behind so I guess we were victorious again.

We have made it to the beach which is as beautiful as we’d read. Our lunch shack was right on the water. It’s a bit windy this time of year so the sugar sand easily made its way to our lunch table. The server came by to wipe the tables down frequently but we were able to write a legible “10 min” in sand between his passes. Regardless, no complaints from us. It is beach-side after all.

We’re looking forward to exploring more during the time we’re here.

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