Diani Beach, Kenya; Day 4

We spent the majority of the day hanging out next to the Indian Ocean. We are about 4 degrees south of the equator so the water was quite warm and comfortable.

The beach itself is renowned for its consistent winds, especially at this time of year. We were able to watch several kite surfers take advantage of these strong steady winds.

At Amigos Beach Bar & Restaurant

We were solicited by a number of locals on the beach. Not surprising since there are more of them than tourists during this low season. We were offered coconuts, bracelets, necklaces, snorkeling tours, safaris and, of course, kite surfing lessons.

We said no to all of the “beach boys” that came by us but we couldn’t resist spending money with some of the beach shack merchants.

CreeperKitty bought a wall hanging and a giraffe (not shown), CreeperPuppy bought an elephant, Suaram bought a ceramic box of Africa where Kenya is the key to unlocking/opening it, and Brian bought a custom hardwood sign.

We finished the day with movie night in our outdoor living room on our small TV. We have rotated between the 5 of us and today it was Mom’s choice. She chose the musical Hamilton which very much pleased the kids. They have been listening to the soundtrack and asking to see the performers behind the voices.

Boy, were they surprised at the beginning of Act 2 to see Lafayette Jefferson asking “Wha’d I Miss?”

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