Diani Beach, Kenya; Day 7

Happy Super Bowl Sunday Monday! And Valentines Day!

That’s right – the SuperBowl started at 2:30am local time on Monday morning. We didn’t watch it live but football fan Brian and Cincinnati fan Tiffany still wanted to catch the game so we set aside the morning to watch it. We feared getting “spoilered” when we awoke so we set aside our devices to ensure a pure viewing experience.

We’ve cobbled together streaming services from various sources. Our best case is that we can stream to the laptop and use an HDMI cable that we carry with us to broadcast to an input on whatever TV our rental has.

But for some reason the service we use to get network football games won’t stream on the laptop. The best we could do was the 10 inch screen of the iPad – quite a change from our 110″ home theater screen.

The game didn’t end the way we wanted so that wasn’t a good start for the day. That said, we are Matt Stafford fans after his many years in Detroit so it was a small consolation to see him earn a Super Bowl ring.

The afternoon saw us back in the pool for a few rounds of Marco Polo and some high flying fun.

The kids made some homemade Valentines for each other and for Mom and Dad too – who pretty much spent the day appreciating how lucky we are.

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