Diani Beach, Kenya; Day 8

As we enter our second week in Diani Beach we’ve settled in our ‘normal life’ routine. Breakfast, school, lunch, chill, dinner, chill and bed.

This morning we were short on groceries so we headed up the road a couple minutes to the Salty Squid Beach Bar and Restaurant for breakfast.

It looked cute from the photos and offered the kids’ favorite dish which they all ordered immediately- pancakes.

Since we left the US we haven’t gotten what we’d typically call pancakes unless we make them ourselves. At restaurants in Thailand and here in Kenya if you order pancakes you get crepes which are still a favorite. That’s what the kids got this morning – with some lime zest and a side of thick sweet honey to drizzle over them.

Within seconds of the first drop of honey being poured, we had some ‘friends’ join us at the table. First one, then two, then about a dozen bees were diving straight into the honey either on the plate or still in the bowl. Of course they were buzzing all around the kids plates and faces since that’s where the honey was going. Yikes! We suspected maybe the honey was theirs and the bees were trying to take it back.

In the end it was fine, no one got stung or ate a bee. We created a lure of honey on a plate a bit out of the way to buy us some time to eat a little bit and then we ran out of there (without a photo of the bees unfortunately).

The rest of the day was uneventful. Tiffany went to the grocery store and the vegetable stand to get provisions.

Chef Jacob was back from his day off and made a tasty dinner. And the 5 Adventurers played a fun game of MineCraft Uno to end the day.

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