Diani Beach, Kenya; Day 13

It came upon us both slowly and quickly; Diani departure day.

We have wanted to move on from this house since we arrived but we have also been surprised that February 20th (our last full day here) has arrived so soon.

Our expectation was that we would have a mix of some school days and beach days here. We did about 6 formal school days which was about what we thought.

We spent a few more days relaxing by the pool instead of the ocean than we had initially assumed. The beach was windy, the reef was very close to shore and the Beach Boys selling things were numerous so it made it less appealing than we thought it would be. Plus, the house wasn’t within walking distance so that limited our ability to run down to the beach for a quick swim.

If we came back here again we would probably stay closer to the ocean and be more diligent about our indoor/air conditioned spaces where we stay. When the wind calms at night it can feel pretty humid and sweaty and makes for cranky living.

Today we did get to go down to the beach one last time to dip our toes and play in the sand a little. The kids weren’t much for photos today. They were pretty intent on the story they were weaving.

Jacob made us one last classic Kenyan meal – rich beans and a fried traditional bread like tortillas called chipati (plus veggies we ate before we took the photo). We’ll definitely miss his cooking.

One quick update; the bracelet that Brian bought from the Masai Mara villager has NOT turned his wrist green (yet) as his wife has predicted even though he wears it inthe pool.

2nd quick update; for the first time in any of our lives, none of the 5 Adventurers saw anything other than a static image from the 2022 Winter Olympics….and now they are over. Weird. Turns out we’re neither happy nor sad to have missed them. Guess our attention has been elsewhere these weeks and local enthusiasm was low since Kenya didn’t send any athletes this year.

This guy is feeling better

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