Diani Beach, Kenya; Day 12

We had a lovely Saturday which featured a monkey caught on camera, a Hawaiian-style pizza and a beach wedding

Brian wanted to shoot some video for the blog showing you what this house was like. He started out his task in a deliberate film-maker sort of way but ended up shooting 25 minutes of this.

What he was trying to get was footage of one of the local Sykes monkeys stealing something. In California, we have burrowing animals which are bad if your property is on a flat above a slope like ours. Brian can get downright Carl Spackler on those gophers when the mood hits him right. So it’s no surprise he turned his (camera) sights on the bandits.

Caddyshack Greenskeeper Esq.

We knew that the monkeys had been attracted to the mosquito coils earlier in the week so Brian thought he would use those as bait to try to catch one of them on camera to share with you.

They come about the same time every day like they have a schedule of houses to hit – so he knew when to expect them. At times there were three of them taking turns coming up to the camera to sniff, lick and nibble. The GoPro handled it well but some alcohol wipes were definitely required after these close encounters.

Once that fun had ended, we drove for dinner to the Estuary Beach Lounge. It’s at the northern most point of Diani Beach where the Kongo river flows into the Indian Ocean. We caught the late afternoon sunlight and found the area to be beautiful although the last 1/2 mile of the drive was unexpectedly rural such that we thought we were lost.

Dinner was a mixed bag but the setting was unbeatable. We were on the beach between two massive baobab trees watching the sunset. The kids all liked their meals (Hawaiian pizza on 3 continents and counting) but not everyone loved their chocolate smoothie.

A Hawaiian Pizza with…pepperoni?

After eating we walked on the beach and happened upon a wedding banquet set up on the sand. The situation was unusual. There was a table and clearly a bride and groom. There were separate clusters of robed men and women. A photographer and drone camera operator were there as well. It seemed as though it was a photo shoot more than an actual wedding reception but a mosque is very close by so who knows. We didn’t inquire but thought the whole affair was noteworthy given that the beach was public and filled with people of all ages.

Below is another image from the beach looking back up the Kongo river. The light was really wonderful tonight.

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