Amboseli, Kenya; Day 1

We have embarked on our second land safari.  This time we are going into the Amboseli National Park which sits at the foot of Mount Kilamanjaro.

We have hired our prior guide Jacktone to pick us up from our Nairobi hotel and to take us to our bush camp and lead our game drives.

Today was primarily a driving day as the park is located about five hours southwest of the capital. We drove past some wonderful scenery as you might expect.

We even came upon a local livestock market which looked lively.

We are staying at The AA Lodge just outside the Park for these two nights. We arrived just in time for a late lunch. Suaram and CreeperPuppy even got into the pool for a short while.

This lodge has an electrified fence to keep the elephants and other large animals away from the guests. However, the monkeys have circumvented any security (did we tell you we saw them at the Mombasa airport terminal too?).

We finished the night with an evening game drive.  We were able to find a few female lions near this male.

We caught a number of elephant families crossing from their water source to their overnight location.

CreeperPuppy decided Blue Bear should join the game drive this evening even though we weren’t going to see any Bears. When we got back to the Lodge, Blue Bear decided to have fun with an Elephant more his size and speed.

All in all, we had a very good start to our safari.

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