Cairo/Giza, Egypt; Day 1

We left the UAE this afternoon for the Egyptian leg of the World Tour. We arrived late into Cairo and then had a white knuckled ride through some hairy traffic in a cramped four door sedan. Horn blasting all the way. Five of us plus the driver made for some squished Adventurers. Our complimentary transport might not be how we get back to the airport when we leave town. So not exactly anyone’s favorite travel day.

Everyone is pretty wiped out but we are excited to see this area in the daylight. When we arrived at 9:30pm and took this photo, it looked pretty promising.

One thought on “Cairo/Giza, Egypt; Day 1

  1. What a great trip so fa, so loved all the pictures from Dubai that world fair looked so interesting and the water feature looked amazing. So happy you’re all doing well and enjoying your fabulous trip. Now Egypt fantastic you survived the car ride to your hotel so hopefully you get a good night sleep and tomorrow another adventure. Love you guys, Loesje.

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