Luxor, Egypt; Day 3

Luxor and Paris share some common traits. Both have famous obelisks, revered places of worship, Egyptian antiquities and major rivers dividing them into banks. In Luxor, the banks are East and West. Today we explored the great sites on the East Bank. Our first stop was to visit a DHL shipping office where we offloadedContinue reading “Luxor, Egypt; Day 3”

Cairo/Giza, Egypt; Day 5

On our fifth day here, it was finally the day for the Great Pyramids, the Sphinx and a ride on some camels. We also spent some time at the Cairo Bazaar and with a scent master. Many Adventures for us today! We started at the Great Pyramids which sit right outside our B&B.  We tookContinue reading “Cairo/Giza, Egypt; Day 5”

Cairo/Giza, Egypt; Day 2

On our first full day here in Egypt we hired a guide and visited a number of holy sites in Cairo.  We completed the day on the rooftop of our B&B in Giza watching the famous Sound & Light Show at the Sphinx. Our first stop in the morning was to see the Hanging ChurchContinue reading “Cairo/Giza, Egypt; Day 2”

Cairo/Giza, Egypt; Day 1

We left the UAE this afternoon for the Egyptian leg of the World Tour. We arrived late into Cairo and then had a white knuckled ride through some hairy traffic in a cramped four door sedan. Horn blasting all the way. Five of us plus the driver made for some squished Adventurers. Our complimentary transportContinue reading “Cairo/Giza, Egypt; Day 1”