Luxor, Egypt; Day 2

Today was a rest day for the Adventures. After a cold night on the boat and a long touring/driving Sunday we took today off from the wonders of Ancient Egypt.

Instead we enjoyed a slow day on the quiet West Bank of modern Luxor. We slept in. We had breakfast on the roof which seems to be a specialty of our accommodations in Egypt. We had a 30 minute power outage.

Tiffany used the washing machine available to guests. Laundry continues to be its own Adventure and almost never a good one. In this case the machine is on the roof next to the breakfast kitchen. It’s a Samsung Diamond 6.0kg which sounds like it’d be a modern miracle of laundry but honestly it has seen better days.

Laundry at the Luxor Palace Apartments.

She has soap powder from Kenya, softener from Dubai and was all ready to go. The washer wasn’t. It just didn’t want to complete a cycle. When it got to rinse it would just fill with water and drain it out. Fill with water and drain it out. On and on until eternity. Eventually she got it to work by turning the water off at the hose and got some clean clothes for the next few days.

We (ad)ventured out for a late lunch next to the Nile about 5 minute walk from our lodgings. It had good food and a great view of the water taxis, ferries, fellucas and cruise ships – all the comings and goings on the busy river. We’re right across from the Luxor Temple so it adds a nice feature to the East Bank Skyline.

We finished our pleasant day on the roof deck watching the sun set over the Valley of the Kings in the West and the Nile in the East.

Valley of the Kings way back by the Hills
Nile/East Bank

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