Lisbon, Portugal; Day 2

This is our first day in a European capital during our World Tour and it is beautiful here. Admittedly we did little research on Lisbon prior to arriving since we added it last minute – so we had limited expectations. What we have found so far is a medium-sized port city with a vibrant café culture, modern public transportation, and wonderful older buildings set in a city with terrain and viewpoints.

There are an abundance of public squares with statues ringed by cafés and tram tracks.

We were inspired to ride one of these old trams today and took it from one end of town to the other through some of Lisbon’s most historic neighborhoods.

We climbed steep and narrow streets in this electric tram and enjoyed every minute of it.

It terminated deeper in the city near a large public park filled with old trees. Brian and Tiffany watched the locals while the kids tried to out jump one another on the swings.

We spent a very leisurely 2 hours in this park. The parents were able to join other like-minded adults for beverages within sight of the little ones. The sky was azure blue and the weather proper for cashmere and sunglasses. Why don’t they have cafes like this in our town?

Parents view from the cafe
Kids view from the playground

The setting was so pleasant that we felt as though we had somehow fallen into an oil painting.

We decided to catch an Uber to go back to a cool neighborhood district that we had passed on the tram earlier. Unfortunately the driver wouldn’t take all 5 Adventurers so one of us needed to find a new mode of transportation. Twenty-five minutes later we reconnected by a waterfront café.

While walking in some of the small Lisbon streets the kids were introduced to some interesting words in languages that they are familiar with. Grafite is the Portuguese word, by the way.

Our apartment is in a central location near the junction of two major subway lines. So our last Adventure took us underground to the Metro for a short ride back. Lots of fun seeing the city today.

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