Warfare: My Ham Sandwich Tries to Eat ME

One day in Thingamabob, a drop of green goo fell from the ceiling and hit my ham sandwich. It came to life and started trying to eat people. 

You’re thinking, can’t I just eat the ham sandwich? Nope. It’s got chocolate sauce on it, and I HATE chocolate and ham.

Okay. Time to call Ninja McCrackers-and-Cheese.

Oh wait. He’s already here. Whoops.

Ninja McCrackers-and-Cheese hopped on top of the sandwich and tried to slice it to bits.

The ham sandwich ate the sword.

Ninja McCrackers-and-Cheese tried to use his shield to knock out the mass mutiny.

The ham sandwich ate the shield.

Okay, gonna grab some popcorn. This is INTENSE.

The ham sandwich ate the popcorn.

Finally Ninja McCrackers-and-Cheese sliced and diced the monster into bite-size pieces. He ate them all.

Guess he isn’t afraid of chocolate sauce. THE END

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