Rota, Spain; Day 9

Today is our first day in two weeks with all 6 of our Adventurers out of isolation so we took the opportunity to explore Rota.

We set off from our apartment for the 20 minute walk to town. We chose the boardwalk-through-the-trees route rather than the beach or street routes and it was quite pleasant – bright blue skies, not too windy or hot.

Our first stop was for a coffee-to-go for Brian and Tiffany and then we found a little playground. Initially it seemed the best feature was some trees perfect for climbing…

…but then we saw a something better. A stack of turtles! They were in a little enclosed pond and at first we thought it was a statue but no, they had climbed into a pyramid just like a varsity cheerleading squad.

7 turtles in a pyramid

There were several more turtles swimming around the pond which amused us for quite some time. But eventually it was time to move on, this time to a playground on the beach.

On to the next stop!

It wasn’t very big, but the kids created an obstacle course and did time trials for a bit while Mom, Dad and Aunt Tracy watched the waves and ships and the lovely horse exercising on the beach. We made a quick stop at the famous red Rota sign for our obligatory photo.

Eventually we made it to the ‘old town’ of Rota and stopped for some lunch in the shadow of a 13th century castle and a 16th century church.

Rota is one of the oldest cities in Spain, settled by the Phoenicians 3000 years ago as a trading post. It still has a some narrows streets, wide plazas and interesting art that we’re looking forward to exploring more.

Art appreciation on the streets of Rota

Our path back to the apartment again took us on the boardwalk through the trees where we stopped for photos and the view.

Tracy Taking Photo #4,832 of the Day

Rather than head straight indoors, we took another hour to enjoy the blue skies along with some yummy desserts and a good bottle of wine. Overall, a great day spent in our temporary hometown.

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