Rota, Spain; Day 12

Today we bid a fond adios to our 6th Adventurer. After 2.5 weeks it was time for Tracy to return to her family and normal Adventures in Ohio. It was fun to have her with us for our Spanish travels and we’re sad to see her go. Her time with us sure wasn’t what we expected, but Adventures were had none the less.

Getting Tracy on her way required two trips to the local airport. The first was for the required Covid test prior to a flight to the US. Given recent history this was more nerve wracking than usual, but she was negative so everything was ok.

The test was several hours before her flight so she, Tiffany and CreeperPuppy headed back to Rota. Somehow Tiffany took a wrong turn and ended up heading into the town of Puerto de Santa Maria – the home of the Osborne Bulls. How did we know? Lots and lots of Bull sightings! It seemed this icon of Spain had come out to say goodbye to Tracy as well.

After a short return to the Rota apartment for some more Spanish sun, ocean views and hugs, Tiffany (along with Suaram and CreeperPuppy) drove Tracy to catch her flight. She made it safely to Madrid and will be back in Cincy tomorrow night.

With the other Adventurers taking an airport trip, that left Brian and CreeperKitty to do some shopping in town. We needed a few basics from the grocery store for dinner tonight so they took the opportunity for some time to bond on the walk.

The talked about Minecraft and Brian was given the origin story for one of Minecraft’s major creatures; the Creeper. Apparently it was originally programmed to represent a pig but the code went wrong and it became a walking creature which likes to explode when near players. Beware.

Fate was against these market-bound Adventurers who found that most places in Rota were closed this Sunday. But the trip was salvaged, there was a pasteleria which was open and served coffee and cake.

Despite not having all the ingredients we wanted, the day ended with 5 Adventurers enjoying a yummy dinner in our temporary hometown.

pasteleria – cake shop

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