Rota, Spain; Day 13

Much of our Monday was spent as normal life-type Adventures. School for the kids, administrative type work for the parents.

In the evening, we ventured out to take a walk on the beach and check out the reef/tide pools just north of our apartment. At low tide we can see very defined lines of rocks above the water.

Low Tide view from the deck
Heading for the Corrals
Taking a break on the break wall

A little research earlier in the day revealed these aren’t entirely natural pools, in fact it is a Spanish Natural Monument known as Los Corrales de Rota or the Rota Corrals. They are an ancient fishing ground with walls to trap the fish as the tides go in and out. There are varying opinions as to whether they were built during Phoenician, Roman or Arab times but any of those scenarios make them quite old. We didn’t go out to explore the corrals themselves tonight – we’ll do that another time.

Walking the wall of the ancient Rota Fish Corral

Our adventure did turn in to a bit of a treasure hunt for CreeperKitty. He has been interested in sea glass for a couple of years but at home we only find tiny little shards. Tonight along the beach his sharp eyes and some help from Mom filled his pockets. What a great surprise!

A pocket full of treasure

One thought on “Rota, Spain; Day 13

  1. Sea glass is an amazing find wherever you find it.

    I am so enjoying your messages. You are doing a wonderful thing for your



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