Rota, Spain; Day 19

It was a beautiful sunny day in Western Spain and we decided to spend it out on the beach.

It is a 3 day holiday weekend here for Labor Day and many folks also took the opportunity to relax on la playa. The nicest part about staying in an apartment located just steps from the sand is that we can spontaneously have a beach day whenever the weather and mood strikes. Today was such a day.

We packed a mini-cooler, a beach umbrella, some towels and toy shovels. Upon arrival, the kids were commissioned to create two adult-sized “beach chairs” in the sand which were actually both comfortable and functional. We keep thinking we’ll buy some chairs but the 25€ price tag per chair is a big deterrent for something that doesn’t fit in the suitcase.

After receiving an accounts payable receipt for two chocoloate chip cookies, the kids dug in the sand for their own creations and amusements.

Once the temperature hit our bodies the right way, we all decided to splash in the surf.

We have this inflatable football that we have been carrying since Thailand so it was a good day to break it out and play touch football. The Jimmy Buffet tunes on the radio was the first hint but this football game clearly pegged us as los Americanos.

We also wear way more clothes at the beach than the Europeans. It’s common to see young boys and girls with nothing on or just bottoms and today we saw a few topless women as well. Not for us, but also not a big deal.

We had fun hanging out and watching the tide come in. The people watching is always so interesting – some set up well past the tide line, some see the waves coming their way and then move past the tide line. The fun ones to watch are the ones that move a couple feet over and over and over until they either get hit with a big wave ‘surprise’ or make it far enough away to stay dry. It’s sort of like a courting dance between the ocean and the beach goers.

We sustained ourselves with cerveza and salt potato chips. CreeperPuppy perfected the method to eat chips without using his sandy hands.

We enjoyed ourselves on this Primero de Mayo.

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