Rota, Spain; Day 18

Another day of enjoying the Atlantic and relaxing in Rota. For dinner we decided to get a little exercise and did the 20 minute walk into town. Our destination was Domino’s pizza for a taste of the familiar.

We walked along the beach to get there and made for a pretty unusual sight. The kids dressed for the evening weather with jackets and pants. We got some strange looks as we walked by all the weekend beach goers still in their bathing suits. Oddly the temperature/sun combination worked for both.

Coats and sunbathers in SW Spain

Dinner was back to the kid’s favorite – Pizza Hawaiian which they devoured. Mom and Dad also got their regular (Mom’s favorite) and made quick work of that too.

As we headed home Dad suggested another trip to the Féria for a round of games. He claimed it was for the kids but he seemed strangely excited himself. Tiffany decided to stay home but they headed out for the third fair Adventure day in a row. We did use up a left over bumper car token and more air gun shooting yielded more keychains. CreeperKitty seems to have it figured out and was good coach for his sister and brother.

All in all a good Saturday in Rota.

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