Rota, Spain; Day 21

Today our Adventurers took to the road for a 90 minute drive to Seville. Since it’s somewhat close to Rota we decided the 3 Adventurers that missed it the first time would get a chance to visit. Tiffany and Suaram took advantage of the second trip to see even more.

Our main activity for the day was to tour one of the wonderful historic locations – the Real Alcazar of Seville. It’s a royal palace built for the King – Peter of Castile – in the 13th Century. Use of the site dates back to the 2nd century where this site has gone from Christian to Muslim and back to Christian as has this part of Spain. It is still used as the Royal Residence for the Spanish Monarchy when they are in Seville.

The Lion’s Gate

The palace is a preeminent example of mudéjar style – perhaps the best in the world. Mudéjar is the use of Islamic decorative elements in Christian architecture and was most popular in the Iberian Christian Kingdoms between the 13th and 16th centuries. It is spectacular. Not surprisingly the Palace has been used as film sets many times – most recently Game of Thrones.

Outside the Palace are extensive gardens with pools, fountains, and peacocks!

The kids were happy to find a giant hedge maze – Mom and Dad even got in on the fun.

After the Palace (and a souvenir peacock for CreeperKitty to take home) we stopped at a street cafe for a 4:30pm lunch. Apparently we’re adapting well to the Spanish lifestyle. It wasn’t a fantastic food experience, but the beverages and people watching were outstanding. Seville is having their own Féria de Primavera this week. We aren’t going to the Fair but we enjoyed seeing the costumes immensely.

We headed back to the car shortly after lunch – rain was in the forecast and the skies were getting dark. Overall it was a great day in Seville for these Adventurers.

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