Rota, Spain; Day 22

Our hosts provided us with a helpful guide regarding the beachside apartment here in Rota. We have used several of the suggestions for places to visit and local markets to shop.

Today, we walked over to the Mindundi Frutas store for two large bags of fruit and vegetables. Everything looked good and appeared fresh. Our 4 kilo haul (8+ lbs) of manzanas, zanahorias, calabaza, pimientos rojos, tomates y cebollas cost about 9€.

By the way, here’s an image of a pimientos rojos which has been our typical red pepper experience in Spain so far.

(Grande red pepper shown with a typical 8-year old face for scale)

The kids had another day of tablet school. As we come toward the end of the school year we’re focusing on mathematics and getting ready for the next grade level. We are also reading The Black Stallion in the 5 Adventures Academy so we had some reading and discussion too.

The kids are spending some time on which provides them with teachings and basic building blocks to code their own programs. They used it in school the last couple of years and it’s available for anyone. It’s a nice resource and the kids are very engaged with the games that they produce. Perhaps they will share their work with you at some point soon.

  • manzanas – apples
  • zanahorias – carrots
  • calabaza – squash
  • pimientos rojos – red peppers
  • tomates – tomatoes
  • cebollas – onions

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