Rota, Spain; Day 26

Did you know that if you have some pottery on a boat in the Atlantic and if it washes overboard and spins in the surf & sand off Spain’s west coast for countless years that this smoothed piece of pottery might be found on the beach by a plucky 8-year old?

The Adventurers went beach glass hunting and came away with some beautiful samples. First came the looking…

…and the looking…

…and, finally, the finding!

It was also Mother’s Day in the US so we all agreed to give Tiffany an easy, relaxing day. Brian cooked breakfast and dinner for the family. The kids had no meltdowns, freak-outs, or disputes. All-in-all, it was a pleasant Sunday.

And lots of love goes out to all of the Moms in our Adventurers’ lives! Thank you all, we love you! ❤️

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