Rota, Spain; Day 25

Our original plan for the day was to head out to another SW Spain destination for some cool Adventures. But one of the kids turned an ankle last night (CreeperPuppy) and it was still a little sore this morning so we decided to postpone that activity.

So today was a day of normalcy. We sat outside and enjoyed the weather and the ocean. We cooked some meals, trying to use up things from the pantry as we look at less than a week left in Rota.

Brian finally (finally!) got to introduce the kids to the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail. He’s been talking about it for weeks and may have been counting down the days since Suaram’s birth over 11 years ago. He spent 5 minutes at the beginning really irritated because he couldn’t get our annoying Spanish TV to turn off the subtitles. He battled back and forth on whether it was the TV or Netflix. The weird thing was they seemed to be German or Swedish or something. Ugh!

Then his memory of millions of viewings of the movie kicked in and he remembered the subtitles at the beginning are just part of the gag.

He got his first good laugh at himself, followed by giggles from the kids – at the silly moose subtitles, the fake horse coconuts, the Dark Knight, the terrible rabbit and so many others. The kids didn’t get all the jokes, but they got enough for big smiles and a lively dinner conversation replaying the best parts.

After the movie it was like something out of Looney Tunes – only instead of Elmer Fudd hunting ‘wabbits’ it was Brian hunting flies. A couple had snuck in the house so he pulled out a pink butterfly net and went to work. No video is available, all recording devices were confiscated shortly after this photograph was taken. Suffice to say a. It was hilarious and almost like ballet and b. The flies were expelled.

What a wonderful quiet relaxing Saturday.

One thought on “Rota, Spain; Day 25

  1. One of my fav movies!

    It’s just a scratch!

    Big pointy teeth, etc.

    Thanks for all your travels and communications.



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