Rota, Spain; Day 30

We have spent the most consecutive days during our world tour here in Rota, Spain. The accommodations were wonderful and we will be sad to be leaving here.

We chose Rota because it has a similar climate and ocean-oriented culture as our home in San Clemente. In California, our surfers paddle out to ride the waves. Here in Spain, the surfers catch air with kites and fly over the waves. Both places love their beaches and being in the water. It was great to feel that culture after having been away since June.

Today’s post represents our last one from Rota before moving on to Italy. We put together a 10 minute video showing you around the apartment that we rented. We were lucky to find it and were very pleased to have stayed here.

We also watched the sand below our apartment slowly change into a message of love. Tiffany and Suaram had the design and organizational skill to plan it and back strength to execute it.

The boys just showed up for the glory photo but they were pleased to help at the finish. The 5 Adventurers will see you next from Rome!

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