Rome, Italy; Day 1

Today was a travel day for the 5 Adventurers. We knocked the cobwebs off our backpacks, bid a fond farewell to our Rota apartment and made one last trip to Seville.

We returned our reliable but small manual transmission rental car and caught our discount carrier to Rome. Our list of things we like about Europe continues to grow. Cheap delicious bread. Good inexpensive wine. Discount airlines that have fares less than $100. Sometimes less than $50.

No immigration within the EU got added to the list of positives today. After waiting in hour long immigration lines everywhere we’ve gone, it is nice to go to a new country – which feels very significant to us – but to have it treated like a domestic flight in the States. Just walk out and collect your bags from baggage claim.

Who’ll get to grab the bags – always a competition

We arrived in Rome after dark so we don’t have a lot of sights to share yet. We’re staying in an apartment as we have often done on this trip. Our check-in experience was very typical but this time we got a pictograph to help us get checked in so we thought we’d share.

After 9 hours of travel, we found ourself following these directions. What they didn’t say is that the entrance door is reached by winding through the small tables of a sidewalk cafe. Kinda cool. And that the code they sent separately was only in Tiffany’s dead cell phone. Whoops. Always good to end a day of travel sitting in the hallway (on the few steps outside number 11) waiting for her device to charge enough to turn on. Good thing we carry a portable battery so it was only a few minutes.

The place is only a two bedroom so the kids all share. They quickly closed the door on the parents and about 10 minutes later the boys were tucked in their beds with Suaram reading them a story. We hated dragging them out to brush teeth and properly go to bed but did it anyway.

Rome AirBnB

We’ve got a few days here and are excited for our next Adventures.

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