Brussels, Belgium; Day 1

When deciding our destinations in Europe, the kids chose Belgium as one of their picks. They were very specific that it was for the waffles and chocolate and they don’t really care about anything else. At least they are honest. Perhaps we’ll find some ways to round out their experience. Oh, and get some of that tasty Belgian beer for the parents.

To get here naturally meant a train trip as we continue to travel like Europeans. We traveled through Northern France and had a friendly sniffer dog join us for a bit.

That dog looked much happier doing his job than the specialists working with him. We arrived in Brussels by mid-afternoon ready for lunch.

We’re staying near the train station and a lot of the restaurants lean toward Middle Eastern cuisine which is fine by us. We found a lovely Tea Room which served some good food and Tea with fresh mint – a Mom favorite from Africa. We are now pretty certain that we will grow some mint when we get back to California for this reason.

Some of our Adventurers were feeling a little run down so we only made it to one historic site today before retiring to our lodging.

This is the Porte de Hal (Halle Gate) which is the only remaining portion of a large Medieval city wall built in the 14th century. It was converted into a prison after the demolition of the city walls occurred leaving it as the sole remaining vestige of the 8km of ramparts. Today it serves as a museum.

We’re excited to be in our 15th country of the trip and looking forward to our Adventures here.

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