Bailly-Romainvilliers, France; Day 3

Today was what the kids call a ‘do nothing’ day. They would argue that we don’t have enough of them – these are our days to relax with no specific agenda.

Since today we are still at our Marriott vacation club, it offered some options. In the morning, the kids took themselves to the Kid’s Club and worked on some salt dough figures.

Suaram’s mother and boy

After some arcade, playground and pool time they went back to the kid’s club for a cooking class. Not French cuisine – American style chocolate chip cookies!

Cookie making

It was a group activity so they each got different parts of the process but once the dough was made they got their share, some cookie cutters and a chance to do their own thing. Back to the house came chocolate chip bunnies, carrots, starfish, bats, and bits of clover. They were so proud. Yum!

Happy with their results

We finished off the day with a quiet movie (Disney of course) and some packing for travel tomorrow. A great recharge day to finish our time in France.

A door sign fitting the 5 Adventurers

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