Brussels, Belgium; Day 5

On a cool and rainy day in Belgium our Adventurers were able to take care of some final travel arrangements, pack for Amsterdam tomorrow, play Minecraft and watch a classic movie from the 80’s.

An Adventure Awaits These Goonies

In other words, today was a leisurely Sunday spent without the usual number of steps in our average week.  We are still averaging nearly 9k steps a day on our West European blitz in June. 

Back in the US it is Father’s Day today so we send our love and admiration to all of the fathers in the 5 Adventurers family and friends. 

These are Brian & Tiffany’s fathers and a brother dad.  Congrats to each of you.  Hopefully your children gave you a smile today.

Brian’s kids gave him some joy today. Plus, we used the rain as an excuse to look through old pics and videos of the last 11.5 years of him as a Dad. There’s a lot of Adventures and great memories in those photos.

Looking forward to lots more Adventures with this guy!

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