Travel Home; Day 3

One of the things about long road trips, where you are in the car for 8+ hours is the need for a variety of activities for the passengers. In our car today, the kids watched 2 movies (Lion King and Zootopia), listened to parts of 2 audiobooks and played a rousing game of DnD withContinue reading “Travel Home; Day 3”

Brussels, Belgium; Day 5

On a cool and rainy day in Belgium our Adventurers were able to take care of some final travel arrangements, pack for Amsterdam tomorrow, play Minecraft and watch a classic movie from the 80’s. In other words, today was a leisurely Sunday spent without the usual number of steps in our average week.  We areContinue reading “Brussels, Belgium; Day 5”

Rota, Spain; Day 25

Our original plan for the day was to head out to another SW Spain destination for some cool Adventures. But one of the kids turned an ankle last night (CreeperPuppy) and it was still a little sore this morning so we decided to postpone that activity. So today was a day of normalcy. We satContinue reading “Rota, Spain; Day 25”

Diani Beach, Kenya; Day 11

Today’s adventure belongs primarily to CreeperPuppy. He’s the kid who was ‘under the weather’ yesterday and actually for the last three days. It started as a headache and stomach ache – not unusual – but late Wednesday it added a fever. COVID-19 cases are very low in Kenya and he’s fully vaccinated so we weren’tContinue reading “Diani Beach, Kenya; Day 11”

Leesburg, Ohio; Day 3

A quiet day today. We (ad)ventured out to nearby Hillsboro for lunch with Mamoh and Tara at the Japanese Steakhouse. It not only had a tasty hibachi, it gave the California kids a chance to get some sushi for only the second time in 10 weeks. They gobbled it down before we remembered to getContinue reading “Leesburg, Ohio; Day 3”