Amsterdam, Netherlands; Day 4

We have enjoyed some marvelous weather here this week. Brian was here in June during the World Cup 2006 and experienced some great weather then. In fact, he doesn’t believe that he as ever seen rain in this country. We will have to see if that weather luck holds out through rainy London starting tomorrow!

This weather meant that we would be out on the bikes once again. Today we were going to spend time in the inner canals area and even take a canals cruise to see more of the city from the water.

As we walked through this area we felt as though we were walking through a jigsaw puzzle of an Amsterdam canal. It was so perfectly colored and textured.

This city, like other tourist towns that we’ve seen, had a Lego store which attracted the kids’ eyes. Fortunately there were no rash purchases of Legos requiring shipment to the States.

Always up for a famous local dessert tasting, we sampled the famous van Wonderen Stroopwafels. The shop was beautiful. The treats were tasty and gone very quickly.

Mom shopping in van Wonderen’s

We biked a ways but walked more in the central city because it was easier. We eventually said goodbye to the bicycles for the week and boarded the canal boat for the evening cruise.

The kids were treated to an English language kids version of the boat tour which left them giggling at times to hear the adventures of a canal cat that hates water but loves to tell the story of his neighborhood.

The canal ride at the end of the day was a nice finish to a wonderful visit to the Netherlands.

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