Amsterdam, Netherlands; Day 3

It’s been almost 6 months since we celebrated one of our Adventurer’s birthdays. Brian took his second turn today – he’s the only one to have two birthdays on this trip. His first was in Yosemite Valley.

His big day started with homemade cards from the family. We’ve traveled the whole year with paper, colored pencils, scissors and tape just for moments like these and the kids didn’t disappoint.

After that it was back out to the bikes. Much like yesterday our agenda was finding cool parks and playgrounds, sampling interesting cafes and exploring miles of bike paths.

Our best playground discovery wasn’t too far from the hotel but away from the center of town. It was next to a school and surrounded by apartment buildings. It truly felt like a neighborhood park and over the course of our time there a bunch of kids passed through aged 2 to 15. Our kids liked the tower and what they dubbed the ‘magic carpet’ a flat swinging platform they had to balance on.

Chilling in the hammocks
On the magic carpet

After that we stopped for a fries snack and the kids found a new flavor of Fanta. Over all the countries we’ve been to they guess that they’ve tried 20 different flavors. Today’s new one was Cassis. Once they tried it they decided it’s probably just a rebranded black current which they got in Kenya – but still fun to find another one.

After our snack the plan was to keep riding out to a large park on the edge of town, but we had a bike key break in the wheel lock while it was engaged so that bike was going nowhere. The rental place was really helpful and got us fixed up pretty quickly, but by the time it was sorted it was too late to do any more exploring.

Instead we headed back to the hotel. The kids wanted some time to read and play foosball so Tiffany treated Brian to drinks by the canal. It was a very pleasant spot, a great way to watch the evening come on.

From there we headed to dinner and stuffed ourselves with Mexican burritos. We each picked our favorite cake to celebrate Dad’s day – he chose White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake and it was gone so fast he started sampling everyone else’s.

Birthday boy swiping tastes of cakes

Overall it was a gorgeous June day in Amsterdam. Happy Birthday Brian!

2 thoughts on “Amsterdam, Netherlands; Day 3

  1. Happy happy birthday Brian! We hope you had a wonderful day today and that you got everything your heart desires! Pretty cool place to celebrate for sure! Sending all the love in our hearts your way and tons of virtual hugs.


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