Leesburg, Ohio Part 4; Day 2

Today, like many people across the United States, we gathered with those we love to enjoy food and each others’ company.

For us it was at the Bailey House hosted by Nancy and Stan Purdy. It was great to be back there, particularly since Pa has had some health issues over the past few months. Mamoh joined us on the drive down where we met up with Tiffany’s sisters Tara and Tracy and Tracy’s husband Todd and their kids. All of them put together a great meal full of picnic favorites.

We ate, chatted, told stories and generally enjoyed each other’s company. We also managed to get some photos which honestly sometimes we forget to do.

Setting up for Grandkids photo

Although it wasn’t a long photo session we can tell our kids are starting to get weary of lots of pictures.

To end the day we had another picnic staple – KFC! It even came in the classic bucket. So enjoy, hope everyone who celebrates had a great 4th of July.

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