Leesburg, Ohio Part 4; Day 1

We had one last Adventure this morning in New York to visit an old President. Then we went to see a new building, flew on an old airplane, and drove a new car to a familiar destination.

Tiffany lived in Ulysses S. Grant’s boyhood hometown of Georgetown, Ohio. Her father Stan (Pa) is the President of the US Grant Homestead Association so our 5 Adventurers are big fans of the 18th President and West Point graduate. Today we visited Grant’s Tomb to pay our respects.

The General Grant National Memorial is the final resting place for Grant and his wife Julia who made New York their home at the end of their lives. The monument has a large interior area and is classically styled with marble and is evocative of other major monuments to former US Presidents.

This visit was relatively short as Adventures go giving us enough time to get to LaGuardia for a flight to Ohio. We flew out of a new terminal for Delta airlines which was opened less than a month ago after $4B in renovations. Tiffany spent 5 years in NYC flying in and out of this airport. That Tiffany wouldn’t have recognized the fresh paint, carpet and airy concourse in Terminal C. Let’s just say that new LaGuardia doesn’t smell like old LaGuardia.

The airplane we flew on today was on time but we could tell that it had flown many, many miles prior to carrying us to Ohio on our very last flight of World Tour 21-22.

At Arrival in Cincinnati

From here on out, we will travelling in Jeremy Picklepants who spent the winter sitting in Mamoh’s garage waiting for his next set of Adventures to begin.

Our last Adventure of the day was to see the Hillsboro fireworks. We parked at one end of a hillside corn field and sat on the tailgate watching them. Happy 4th of July weekend!

Fireworks in Ohio

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