Leesburg, Ohio Part 4; Day 5

We have begun to sort our affairs here at Mamoh’s house and are starting to consider all of the stuff which needs to come to California with us.

As you may remember, we drove from home last summer with camping gear and items which would sustain us through the North American part of the World Tour. We camped in several spots, including in Oregon, at Glacier National Park and near Mt. Rushmore.

All of that camping gear stored at Mamoh’s now needs to get loaded up into our family van, Jeremy Picklepants. We needed to make sure that any of the additional boxes which were shipped here from the Adventurers abroad would fit into the van with all of our backpacks and things. Today was a dress rehearsal for the final pack to happen Saturday morning when we say goodbye to Leesburg for the last time.

It looks pretty promising so far. We may not need to ship anything to California as long as we don’t take on a bunch of new items between here and there. Fingers crossed that the kids don’t run into a carnival to win stuffed prizes or an ancient wonder of the world for souvenirs.

Brian cooked some baby back ribs and the Puzzle Princesses went to work on a 1000 pieces streetscape. Suaram drew some characters and the boys played with their Lego sets. We also played our 8th game of Monopoly in 4 days. It was a pretty simple Thursday for us today.

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