Glacier National Park, Montana; Day 2

We awoke in the tent at our campground just outside of Glacier National Park after a comfortable night with minimal wind.

Mom got the camp stove running before Dad was out of his camp cot.  The kids tried to be helpful for breakfast prep but mostly stayed out of the way.

Scrambled eggs & bacon

Dad seemed most excited about the next few days of camping but everyone was interested in seeing the Park.

We were all very impressed by what we saw.

1.6 billion year old formation (Lewis Overthrust in Glacier NP)
Going-to-the-Sun Mountain (Glacier NP)

Glacier National Park from Saint Mary Lake

Prior to boarding a tour boat on St. Mary Lake, we caught a few photos of one of Glacier’s 500 Black Bears from the minivan. He may look like a brown bear but we later learned that there are only Grizzly and Black Bears in the Park.

Black Bear at Glacier NP

We plan to spend a few more days in the Park so perhaps we shall see other wildlife. Moose, perhaps?

5 Adventurers in front of Baring Falls

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