Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

The unusual heat and the adventurous family departed Portland this morning.  We traveled upriver to the Columbia River Gorge driving for only about an hour and half to our campsite. So, not really an official driving day. Our first adventure was stopping at the Multnomah Falls to see one of America’s longest Falls. Mom and…

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Portland, Oregon; Day 2

Record-breaking day in Portland, Oregon today. 114° meant that some of our original plans for exploring the great outdoors was nixed. In fact, the pool was closed due to the inhumane conditions for the lifeguards. One resident of the cousins’ house here is better built for this weather. Adam is a Bearded Dragon. Adam was…

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Portland, Oregon; Day 1

Driving Day. We drove to Detroit. Detroit, Oregon that is. Actually we were only driving through Detroit on our way to our next destination.  We have arrived in Portland and have now logged 1,498 miles on the road. Cousin Melissa prepared a fantastic Sunday meal for the entire family at Jessica & Kevin’s house in…

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Crater Lake & Bend, Oregon

The 5 Adventurers are in Oregon which is currently experiencing record- breaking high temperatures. The locals have experienced the rare 100 degree day but no one can remember having several June days in a row like these. We traveled to Crater Lake National Park today. This lake is the deepest lake in the United States…

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Driving to Bend, Oregon

Driving Day.  We are now driving toward our next family/friend destination in Portland, Oregon. Did You Know:  There are 58 counties in California. Our 5 Adventurers spent time in many of them on this leg of the journey. How many California counties can you name? We examined our route through California and learned that we…

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