Luxor, Egypt; Day 4

We’ve been in Egypt 2 weeks now and everything we own is covered in a powdery layer of Sahara sand. It’s a beautiful country filled with fascinating history, generous people and amazing fresh food. We’ve got another week to enjoy the people and the food but our tours of Ancient Egyptian sites ended today withContinue reading “Luxor, Egypt; Day 4”

Luxor, Egypt; Day 3

Luxor and Paris share some common traits. Both have famous obelisks, revered places of worship, Egyptian antiquities and major rivers dividing them into banks. In Luxor, the banks are East and West. Today we explored the great sites on the East Bank. Our first stop was to visit a DHL shipping office where we offloadedContinue reading “Luxor, Egypt; Day 3”

Aswan, Egypt; Day 2

Our morning got off to a rough start as we woke to an Adventurer with ‘tummy troubles’. We’ve avoided them so far which is surprising since we haven’t been able to drink the tap water since early December. Some liquids and small nibbles did little to improve the situation so we reluctantly split the groupContinue reading “Aswan, Egypt; Day 2”