Portland, Oregon; Day 1

Driving Day. We drove to Detroit. Detroit, Oregon that is. Actually we were only driving through Detroit on our way to our next destination.  We have arrived in Portland and have now logged 1,498 miles on the road. Cousin Melissa prepared a fantastic Sunday meal for the entire family at Jessica & Kevin’s house inContinue reading “Portland, Oregon; Day 1”

Nevada City, California; Day 2

Our college friends Dave & Aimee designed and built a gorgeous home in the woods of Nevada City 14 years ago.  There are many thoughtful and unique aspects to the home and it integrates into the land wonderfully. We spent an easy morning swinging softly in their hammock considering our options for the afternoon.  OneContinue reading “Nevada City, California; Day 2”

Monterey, California; Day 2

I enjoyed a very pleasant Father’s Day surrounded by the family.  We spent another day at the Aquarium in Monterey and were able to see a Red Octopus (another Mom favorite) and some of the tide pool animals. I was treated to a round of golf today in Monterey but it wasn’t exactly Pebble Beach.Continue reading “Monterey, California; Day 2”