Butte, Montana; Day 3

As some of you are aware, we have a long list of vaccinations necessary for some of our global destinations during this year of travel and we did a terrible job getting all of them taken care of before we left CA. What you may not be aware is that some multi-dose vaccinations need to be applied on a strict schedule in order to be effective.

A case in point; today is the seventh day after a shot that the adults received in Washington. So, our first adventure today was to secure the next dose of that vaccine here in Montana. This makes three states that we have received shots in with at least two more states to go in 2021 (Covid-for-kids in Ohio, perhaps?).

We have learned two things. 1. Plan and act way in advance if you’re going to be traveling and need vaccines and 2. Pharmacists are among the most polite, friendly and helpful members of the healthcare community in the US. Certainly the ones that we have worked with in California, Washington, and Montana.

Please don’t ask us about the insurance/3rd party reimbursement process for these shots as that has been highly disagreeable.

The kids’ patience with the vaccinations of the adults was rewarded with an adventure of their choosing.

Star Lanes in Butte, Montana

We had 24 lanes of bowling to ourselves and a very friendly and attentive senior citizen running the place. He even found time to give a quick lesson to CreeperPuppy who converted this knowledge fruitfully.

The only disappointment with this adventure is that the arcade portion of Star Lanes consisted of 20 or so casino machines (18 years and up) and one lonely The Addam’s Family pinball machine. This machine reminded us that after 26 years of friendship including 13 years of marriage there are still new things to learn about your spouse. Turns out Tiffany spent a couple of years in her early 20s going to a karaoke bar and instead of singing she played pinball. Addams Family pinball to be precise. She scored a free replay on her first credit and shocked the kids into almost thinking Mom was cool.

Brian found a sauna and Tiffany stir-fried some chicken for some other closing notes at the end of the day. Another good one, we agreed.

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