Gull Lake, Minnesota; Day 3

After dropping the kids off with their cousins for another hour or two of banana taxi rides, Tiffany and Brian headed to Baxter, Minnesota for another vaccination adventure.

Once again, we were met with yet ANOTHER pharmacist who is kind, thoughtful and helpful to us in our quest of vaccinations for overseas travel. Some of you might think “well, he’s from Minnesota so he was raised that way” but this guy was fantastic. We are now convinced that they are recruited for that trait and/or trained this way after having worked with pharmacists from CA, WA, MT, and MN.

Brian and Tiffany received 6 total shots and didn’t have to pay a dime for any of them since they are routine vaccinations and covered 100% by insurance (thanks Obamacare)! They will keep us safe from a number of nasty and preventable diseases.

Meanwhile, back at Madden’s, the kids finished their 2 hour banana taxi rides and then chartered a paddle boat and went off crossing Gull Lake by themselves. They navigated themselves to an island dock – something we’ve never done before.

T&B set up spectator chairs in time to take these photos.  We’re drafting this post and wondering if the kids might have spent the majority of their energy on the outbound leg of the trip and we’ll be called on to mount a rescue.

Dad with his Spyglass Looking Out to Sea

Turns out they made it back safe and sound, no rescue required. They were exhausted and proud they managed it. We’ve been considering Treasure Island as our next audiobook and it may have just moved to our top choice. Another yummy dinner in the dining room included some humble tales of their seafaring adventure and dessert of chocolate cheesecake, banana cake or apple pie depending on which Adventurer you were. Another great day.

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