Bozeman, Montana

We made our way over the Continental Divide this morning and found ourselves in Bozeman, Montana for lunch and a visit to a wonderful museum.

The Museum of the Rockies is a terrific place for anyone that has an interest in dinosaurs. Montana is a primary location for dinosaur fossil hunting and paleontology.

The MOR also has the distinction of having a full-size Tyrannosaurus Rex and an Allosaurus (Big Al) mounted to give visitors a better sense for the scale of these pre-historic creatures.

Impressive T. Rex Skeleton

Bozeman is a lovely town and is a Northern gateway to Yellowstone National Park, which we plan to visit this week.

Brian’s mom Susan (aka Busha) has always chided us for failing to name any of our vehicles. We always thought that was silly but she can chide us no more as we have now christened our 13 year old family minivan “Ole Wheezy”.

We are limping along in Ole Wheezy and have made it to Billings, Montana tonight. We are going to give Ole Wheezy the week off and rent a car for the Yellowstone leg of the trip. We think this engine is better served by working the flat lands more than the terrain of Northwest Wyoming.

Ole Wheezy has given us 3,200 miles on this trip so far. We want to try to get another 1,000 before leaving the US.

Another driving day tomorrow so our adventures may be limited. Onwards!

2 thoughts on “Bozeman, Montana

  1. Ole Wheezy has served you Guys well for many years , I guess she’s tired. So happy you’re enjoying your trip already seeing some beautiful places and visiting with family and friends. We’re enjoying all the writing from you and the kids it makes us feel closer. Love you guys hugs from Loesje.
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  2. Kudos to you for pressing on with a hinkey vehicle.  I know from experience how stressful that can be. My best advice to you is something you already expressed, stay flexible.
    Best wishes for continued success on your journey.
    Alan Sandoval

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