West Yellowstone, Montana

Today, we have embarked on the Yellowstone leg of the journey.  We are going to spend four nights in and around this majestic area.

Our first order of business was to swap Ole Wheezy with some wheels that could take us up and down the mountains in Northwest Wyoming.

The kids were somewhat chagrined to learn that Mom and Dad had named the minivan so they took it upon themselves to name the rental vehicle.

Behold Bob!

Bob the Jeep

We took Bob from Billings to Yellowstone and stopped for lunch in Red Lodge. Tiffany’s father Stan (Pa for kids born in this century) recommended this Southern Montana town. We agreed that it was a marvelous little mountain town, very walkable and with charming stores & restaurants.

We had the best pizza in Montana at the Red Lodge Pizza Company. This place, like most on Broadway Avenue, was in a building 100 years old. Afterwards, the kids stopped at the candy store. (Mom regretted her candy choice, more on that later).

Watch out Bob!  Don’t back into the bikes!
Red Lodge Candy Emporium

The afternoon was a long drive from the Northeast entrance to the West entrance of Yellowstone National Park. We were able to make this “driving day” a pleasurable one dotted with wildlife sightings and panorama vistas.

Mom and Dad saw a Black Bear from the road and all of us saw Elk and Bison in significant numbers.

We are going to visit Old Faithful tomorrow morning and are looking for new adventures! (Tiffany will be looking for adventures AND a dentist. Her nostalgic bit-o-honey candy in Red Lodge pulled out a crown. Not a big deal we don’t think, it’s intact and in place, just needs a little cement.)

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