Wall & Badlands, South Dakota

Today was a bit unusual.

After a stop-and-start in Rapid City, including a 3 hour detour to the Toyota dealership (see Car Adventure Update #3 for more) our 5 Adventurers hit the road.

First, we went to Wall Drug in Wall, South Dakota.  This is the original tourist “trap”. They have been serving free ice water and nickel coffee uninterrupted for 90 years.

And they sell more…much more…of everything and anything. They have a jackalope that the kids can ride.  They have jewelry and a chapel, toys and trinkets, boots and beer steins.  Very American, very kitsch, and undeniably unique.

Ice Cream from Wall Drug

After the ice cream, we continued to the next National Park in our whirlwind 2021 tour to visit Badlands National Park just a few miles from Wall.

This is a very interesting landscape. Tiffany had been here before and properly notified the kids to watch how quickly the land changed from open prairie to this…

Suaram and CreeperPuppy at the Edge

We drove confidently through this strange environment and finished the day in Pierre, South Dakota.  We had dinner at the Longbranch bar where the kids learned how to properly hold and shoot a pool cue.

Tomorrow we head up to North Dakota to celebrate a milestone for Tiffany.  More on that tomorrow!

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