Driving Day to Fargo, North Dakota

Today was a driving day with our “new” minivan demonstrating that cross-country travel doesn’t necessarily demand white knuckles on the steering wheel and perspiration on the forehead.

We have come close to finalizing a name for the new car but will unveil that on another day (lobbying between the Adventurers continues).

Most of the day looked a bit like this view.

Day County, South Dakota

Lots and lots of rolling farmland, some roads better than others but the congestion levels were nil.

After leaving Mount Rushmore, our main objective has been to get to the Gull Lake region of Minnesota so we had a lot of options for our route. We went a little out of the way and today drove around 330 miles of uneventful roads to complete a milestone for Tiffany. She had never been to the state of North Dakota in her travels. She only needs to get to Maine and Vermont to complete her 50 states visited. Brian needs Arkansas, Delaware and Vermont to complete his 50 states. Not sure we’ll get to those on this set of Adventures but you never know.

The kids had never been to North Dakota either and have now been to 22 states total. They also added Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota on this trip so far and will add at least Wisconsin in August. The rest of those states they got from visiting far flung family and somewhat random vacation spots over the years. (We may be the only family who leaves SoCal to vacation in French Lick, Indiana)

So we are spending tonight in Fargo, North Dakota. The famous US Navy Blue Angels are here this weekend for an Air Show although we’ll only get to see them on the ground. But inspired by their flying, we decided to get an ‘out of this world’ dinner to finish off the day.

Ah the places you’ll go…

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