Georgetown, Ohio; Day 4

Grandma Nancy and Tiffany’s sister Aunt Tracy were pressed into duty as teachers for the kids today. These former teachers were happy to take the kids on a field trip to the historic sites in Georgetown.

They went to the boyhood home of former President Ulysses S. Grant and received a tour of the home from Tiffany’s ‘Auntie’ Selma who was on duty there today. Nancy had plenty of additional anecdotes and the kids remained engaged.

After a quick snack the teachers took the kids over to the one room schoolhouse that Grant had attended in the 1830’s. They thought it was pretty neat but were very happy naughty children are no longer rapped on the knuckles like they were 150 years ago.

As for the adult Adventurers, we worked on making Jeremy Picklepants a legally registered vehicle. Since we bought the minivan in Rapid City, South Dakota in July, we knew that the 45 day dealer tag would need to be replaced with a real registration. We’ve been “riding dirty” since we got back to the US and felt that we should use this period while stateside to get on the right side of the motor vehicle laws.

We had hoped that through a power-of-attorney we could register the vehicle in our home state of California but learned that the vehicle needed to be there (even if we didn’t need to be). Jeremy isn’t going to be back in Cali until mid-2022 so that wouldn’t work. The California DMV recommended asking South Dakota for an exception given our usual circumstances but South Dakota said no-can-do. Yay, just what we were hoping for, more car drama adventures!

Luckily, it turned out ok. Ohio is one of eight US states that allow non-residents to register a vehicle if that car is going to be ‘garaged’ in the state. Since Ohio will be our base until we jump continents again and the van will be stored in Tiffany’s Mom’s garage while we travel the world, we meet the criteria to get Ohio plates. What a relief!

Step 1: Vehicle Inspection at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Step 3: Take Title back to Ohio DMV
Step 4: Register Van & Get License Plates
Step 5: Get New Bolts to Secure Plate
Step 6: Install New License Plate

Voila! After a 6 step process (paying taxes, fines and fees along the way) Jeremy can legally head on down the road.

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