Blaine, Minnesota

Today we confirmed that when our family has fully un-packed and stays in one place for a while it takes Brian and Tiffany two hours to re-pack Jeremy Picklepants with all our belongings. That sounds like a lot, but it’s only 24 minutes per person so it’s not too bad. Or at least that’s what we keep telling ourselves.

We said farewell to Madden’s and hello to Blaine, Minnesota where we re- connected with a number of cousins from Brian’s side of the family.

We were not able to go to cousin Beth’s wedding to Dan so it was great to finally meet him. Beth’s daughter-in-law Nicole hosted a BBQ and prepared chicken that CreeperKitty claimed was “the best chicken he’s ever eaten”. (It was really tasty)

Awesome BBQ Chicken

We were also joined by Beth’s daughter Sarah and her boyfriend Mario. We were lucky that she wasn’t working today (both Nicole and Sarah are nurses and can have crazy schedules).

The adults passed a wonderful couple of hours on the Bergen’s new deck while the next generation of cousins played soccer in the yard.

Girls v Boys

After dinner and a few more laughs, Nicole broke out the s’mores which were enjoyed by young and old alike.

CreeperPuppy & Tiffany Roasting
Innovation in S’more Design

The only drag on the evening was the absence of Beth’s son Sean who serves in the Army and was away this weekend.

It was fantastic hospitality, great conversation, a beautiful house and a welcoming family. A terrific visit but quick since we’ll be back on the road tomorrow.

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