Edina, Minnesota

Although today was primarily a driving day, we were able to meet with Tiffany’s cousin Matt for a breakfast in Edina, Minnesota. We met his fiancée Stephanie and caught up with their lives. They have had their 2020 wedding plans upended by you-know-what so it was interesting to hear about their deliberations for tying theContinue reading “Edina, Minnesota”

Blaine, Minnesota

Today we confirmed that when our family has fully un-packed and stays in one place for a while it takes Brian and Tiffany two hours to re-pack Jeremy Picklepants with all our belongings. That sounds like a lot, but it’s only 24 minutes per person so it’s not too bad. Or at least that’s whatContinue reading “Blaine, Minnesota”

Gull Lake, Minnesota; Day 7

Our last full day Madden’s for 2021 was full of banana taxi, pool time and cramming in some final in person conversations with family we don’t see often enough. It was a continued mixture of old traditions and new activities. Tonight all the Adventurers and cousin Alan played several rounds of the online game AmongContinue reading “Gull Lake, Minnesota; Day 7”

Gull Lake, Minnesota; Day 6

Friday was bonus adventures for our crew in Baxter, Minnesota. We learned a few things about ourselves that were noteworthy. Tiffany learned that there IS a limit for the number of times the teenage cousins would ride in the go-karts. (The answer is three). Suaram learned how many consecutive backflips can be performed before dizzinessContinue reading “Gull Lake, Minnesota; Day 6”

Gull Lake, Minnesota; Day 5

Our day began with a small family celebration for our youngest member who celebrated his eighth trip around the sun today. Per tradition he first opened a birthday shirt (Minecraft-themed, glows in the dark, high marks from the sibs). Tiffany had an early adventure to finally visit the dentist. It turns out the Bit-O-Honey fromContinue reading “Gull Lake, Minnesota; Day 5”

Gull Lake, Minnesota; Day 4

It was a bit of a typical wash, rinse, repeat day for our 5 Adventurers at Madden’s Resort. The threat of afternoon showers wasn’t realized and we all had outdoor adventures today. Suaram spent about 2 hours on the inflatables in the lake. She has perfected the jump off the side of the slide inflatableContinue reading “Gull Lake, Minnesota; Day 4”

Gull Lake, Minnesota; Day 3

After dropping the kids off with their cousins for another hour or two of banana taxi rides, Tiffany and Brian headed to Baxter, Minnesota for another vaccination adventure. Once again, we were met with yet ANOTHER pharmacist who is kind, thoughtful and helpful to us in our quest of vaccinations for overseas travel. Some ofContinue reading “Gull Lake, Minnesota; Day 3”

Gull Lake, Minnesota; Day 2

When Tiffany describes Madden’s, her best frame of reference is the resort from the film Dirty Dancing. It has activities you can join to learn or hone skill (axe throwing this year along with the traditional tennis and a guided bike ride). A big dining room where everyone eats meals (the food is good butContinue reading “Gull Lake, Minnesota; Day 2”

Gull Lake, Minnesota; Day 1

We arrived this afternoon at Madden’s Resort in Gull Lake, Minnesota for a seven night stay. Brian’s family have been coming to this charming lakeside resort since the 80’s. More recently, his mom (Busha) and step-father (Mike) have convinced their kids to come back to Madden’s every other year for a reunion of siblings andContinue reading “Gull Lake, Minnesota; Day 1”